A lot of digital technologies are on the market these days – from personal assistants to keep track of your activity levels to navigation-enabled “wearables” featuring wrist-sized maps. But what happened to traditional timepieces that can stand the test of the elements? We’re talking about a watch that is abrasive resistant, waterproof, and solid; a take-anywhere-and-on-any-adventure piece with unbeatable functionality that will perform (without a plug-in charger).

If you’re looking for a dependable timepiece that doesn’t need to be plugged in to give you the information you’re looking for, look no further. Here are 3 reasons the Szanto Icon Signature Series: Shane Dorian Watch by Time Concepts might just be for you.

Cut & Dry: It’s Durable

This tactical watch is made for the outdoors. It features a rubberized wristband (22mm Genuine NBR Rubber) and 42mm 316L Brushed Stainless Steel Case with IP Black Plating). In layman’s terms: this thing is tough. The rubber wristband proved adjustable and comfortable in any situation – hiking, firewood collection, biking and daily wear – and after weeks of daily wear and (admittedly) some abuse, it’s still looking sharp and the face is completely scratch-free.

Timeless & Practical & Design

This watch does what a watch is designed to do – tell the current time & date; but once you put it on, you realize just how good it looks while doing it. While it doesn’t have any of the digital, techy bells and whistles, it has a few really nice features that not all analog watches include, like the unidirectional rotating timing bezel and a personal favorite, superluminova lume on the hands and dial numbers that provide long lasting glow so you can still utilize it in dark conditions.

Aesthetics are on point

And speaking of that after-hours glow – the aesthetics on the Dorian are top notch. The watch is obviously performance-focused, but it looks really good doing it. The machining is solid and while the watch is on the heavier side, it felt better than flimsy pieces we’ve tried in the past. Also, the colorway we tried out was green on green, but the lineup includes black, grey, silver and green combinations – all great options for outdoorsmen and women, hunters, and others looking for more muted, yet stylish, options.

If you’re looking to keep your cell phone notifications off your wrist and want something purpose-built, durable, and stylish consider checking out the Shane Dorian lineup. You won’t be disappointed.