We have the place for you! Experience over 300 live alligators high in the Colorado Mountains. Colorado Gator Farm started out their 87 degree Geo Thermal water ecosystem raising Tilapia fish for market in 1977. The farm has grown to include alligators (of course!), Nile crocodiles, emus, albino gators, a variety of snakes, tortoises, frogs, lizards, and more. Year around warm water makes this unusual home outside of the tropics a thriving habitat in Colorado. Nearly all of the animals you see here are pet rescues. Birds are also abundant at the park. Enjoyable family fun and education about reptiles awaits you at this can’t miss attraction!

Chomp On This…

  • American alligators are born black with yellow stripes. Sun bathing over time fades the stripes to black and adults have yellow bellies.
  • Gators can live to be 90 years old and grow bigger each year.
  • It takes alligator eggs 60 – 90 days to hatch.
  • Baby gators born are about 8” long and grow about 1 ft. per year.
  • American Alligator’s can reach 16 feet long and 1000 lbs.

Summer Hours ( May 23rd – September 6th): 9 am – 6 pm
Fall Hours (September 7th – November 1st): 9 am – 5 pm
Winter Hours (November 2nd – February 28th): 10 am – 4 pm

Adults $20.00 (16 – 64)
$10.00 Children (6 to 15) & Seniors (65 to 79)
Ages 5 and Under, 80 and Over are FREE!

Colorado Gators
Located off Cty Rd 9 N near Mosca on Hwy 17

Photos courtesy of Colorado Gators