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Tour Time Lobo Overlook


Tour Time - Lobo Overlook Article & Photos by URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo For winter adventurers seeking a moderately difficult tour via cross-country skis or other touring setups (e.g., AT, telemark, splitboard), consider the route from the Continental Divide to Lobo Overlook. “Lobo”, spanish for wolf, is the name given to the [...]

Tour Time Lobo Overlook2019-02-11T18:19:32-07:00

Backcountry Overnights


The Colorado backcountry is a great place to explore when temperatures go down and snow accumulations go up. But what’s the best way to get first runs in untouched powder? Plan an overnight backcountry trip! The Rio Grande National Forest and surrounding area features several USFS and privately managed yurts and cabins for winter [...]

Backcountry Overnights2020-03-31T11:47:29-06:00

Cultural History of the San Luis Valley


Article and Photos by URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo The San Luis Valley has a long history of human habitation. From early native peoples and Spanish explorers to modern agricultural communities and new industries, the valley has long been a significant place of religious significance, recreation, farming and other forms of land use, [...]

Cultural History of the San Luis Valley2019-03-24T18:58:50-06:00

Jeeping Through Ghost Towns


Article & Photos b y URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo Colorado’s long history of mining provides off-roaders and 4x4 enthusiasts with a plethora of unique, off-the-beaten bath places to explore! Visitors to the San Luis Valley and surrounding area will find that off-road travel opportunities abound, from casual dirt road driving to technical [...]

Jeeping Through Ghost Towns2020-03-31T13:00:15-06:00

Cycling Stone Quarry


Located on Bureau of Land Management (BLM) land between Del Norte and Monte Vista, Stone Quarry features over 10 miles (and growing) of quintessential San Luis Valley mountain biking trails! Offering purpose-built slick rock and natural surface trail, the Stone Quarry system has something for everyone. Over the course of the past few years, local [...]

Cycling Stone Quarry2017-02-24T10:09:48-07:00

Mountain Biking Penitente Recreation Area


Are you ready for nearly 30 miles of purpose-built mountain biking trails at 8,000 feet above sea level? From rocky canyon lands and slick rock drops to technical ascents, fast and smooth descent, and breath-taking views of the San Luis Valley, the double and single track trails of Penitente Canyon Recreation Area offer riders a [...]

Mountain Biking Penitente Recreation Area2019-12-16T19:07:29-07:00

Photographer’s Paradise


Tips for the perfect photos: Photograph during the magic hours (one hour after sunrise, one hour before sunset) when the sun is at a low angle creating a warm color balance, long shadows and stunning effects. Take several options with varying depths of field. Look for leading lines that take viewers' eyes through images. [...]

Photographer’s Paradise2017-04-24T12:19:47-06:00

Recreation Trail Map


Get outdoors and experience Colorado at it's finest on these multi-use trails.  Find your next adventure in the Upper Rio Grande region.  If you love snowmobiling, hiking, horseback riding, dirt biking, ATV, mountain biking, or cross country skiing, you will fall in love with the diverse trail system in the San Luis Valley! Download Recreation [...]

Recreation Trail Map2019-06-22T12:48:50-06:00

Lookout Mountain Trail System


The Lookout Mountain Trail System in Del Norte comprises 8 miles of natural surface, single track trails. The non-motorized trails are open to hikers, runners, bicyclists and equestrians and provide diverse experiences. The more difficult one-mile trail to the summit has an elevation gain of 600 feet with wonderful craggy switchbacks near the top.  Its [...]

Lookout Mountain Trail System2017-01-06T20:19:44-07:00

Hiking & Biking Trail Guide


With thousands of miles of wilderness to explore, it's no wonder why the San Luis Valley allures sports enthusiasts of every kind.  If your preferred mode of transportation is hiking, mountain biking, by horseback, motorcycle, ATV or snowmobile, there is something for everyone here! Download Trail Guide

Hiking & Biking Trail Guide2017-01-06T20:19:45-07:00