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Come Explore Monte Vista


Population: 4,444 (2010) : Elevation: 7,664 ft : Annual Precipitation. Average 7.04" Monte Vista boasts natural beauty that attracts outdoor enthusiasts and sightseers alike. In the surrounding wilderness, you will find people hiking, biking, climbing, and camping in the warm months or snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling in the winter months. A day (or two [...]

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Come Explore Ft. Garland and San Luis


San Luis Population: 629 (2010) : Elevation: 7,979 ft : Annual Precip. Average 10" San Luis is a picturesque little town lying at the mouth of the valley of the Ventero. While San Luis is the oldest surviving settlement in Colorado, it was not the first. The setting of San Luis is surrounded by lush [...]

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Come Explore Del Norte


Population: 1,686 (2010) : Elevation: 7,884 ft : Annual Precip. Average 9.3" In the 1870's, prospectors had found the nearby San Juan Mountains rich in gold and silver deposits. Many mining claims were registered and the fury of the mining activities began. Recognized as the "Gateway to the San Juans"...and the gold, Del Norte, organized and incorporated [...]

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Come Explore Crestone


Population: 127 (2010) : Elevation: 7,923 ft : Annual Precip. Average 13" Crestone is full of majestic views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Take in the view from one of the numerous restaurants providing locals and residents alike with diverse menu offerings. While you are in town, you can enjoy shops, eateries, art galleries, [...]

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Come Explore Creede


Population: 290 (2010) : Elevation: 8,799 ft : Annual Precip. Average 18.0" The town of Creede is full of heritage and natural beauty. It was the last silver boom town in Colorado in the 1800's but today, people come to Creede seeking a new adventure. The Rio Grande and its tributary trout streams attract fly fishermen from [...]

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Rio Grande National Forest


An incredible 1.86 million acre Rio Grande National Forest remains one of the true undiscovered jewels of Colorado. The mighty Rio Grande River begins its 1800 mile journey to the Gulf of Mexico right here in the San Juan Mountains. The Continental Divide runs for 236 miles along most of the western border of the [...]

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Ski Hi Stampede


Enjoy old fashioned fun at the Oldest Pro-Rodeo in Colorado. Ski Hi Stampede is a San Luis Valley tradition and shouldn't be missed! Watch rodeo events, enjoy concerts, great food and so much more! The Ski-Hi Stampede, Colorado's oldest pro rodeo, has roots as deep as the San Luis Valley itself. It began in 1919, [...]

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Creede Underground Mining Museum


The town of Creede evolved from a history rich in mining and scenic surroundings. Silver was first discovered in Creede in 1889. Mining was the area’s main industry for almost 100 years until the Homestake Mining Company closed down the Bulldog Mine in 1985. The idea for the Underground Mining Museum was birthed in 1990 [...]

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Shrine of the Stations of the Cross


The Stations of the Cross are a series of graphic meditations of the last hours of Christ’s life – His judgment, sufferings, death and resurrection. Sculpted by internationally know artist Huberto Maestas, the meditations are truly beautiful. The Shrine is located on a mesa in the center of San Luis which is Colorado’s oldest town. [...]

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