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Kids Biking Essentials


Spring has sprung and warmer weather is on the horizon, which means bike season is upon us! As you ready yourself for the transition from turns on spring corn to hero dirt, we have some of the season’s go-to gear to help you bring the little ones along for the ride. Our latest round-up features [...]

Kids Biking Essentials2019-06-22T12:48:04-06:00

Three Bags to Add to your Gear List


Bag lovers unite! If you're anything like me, you believe it is completely normal to have a closet dedicated to just bags. Bags for the trail, bags for the lake and river, bags for traveling, so on and so forth. While many purpose-built bags and packs have become one of my key pieces of [...]

Three Bags to Add to your Gear List2019-06-04T22:17:55-06:00

Birds of the Sand Dunes


The Great Sand Dunes National Park is home to a wide array of wildlife. There are over 200 species of birds at Great Sand Dunes, nesting in tundra, trees, grasslands, or wetlands. Come enjoy the crisp winter air and see if you can spot one or two! Check out some of pictures of things [...]

Birds of the Sand Dunes2019-06-04T21:44:09-06:00

Creede Repertory Theatre


"For over 54 seasons, visitors and theatre practitioners alike have made their pilgrimages to Creede for the beauty and the artistry of the Creede Repertory Theatre. CRT presents acclaimed productions each season and is a nationally-recognized theatre. USA TODAY called CRT “one of the 10 best places to see the lights way off Broadway” [...]

Creede Repertory Theatre2019-05-30T12:31:25-06:00

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad


Hidden away in a little-known corner of the southern Rocky Mountains is a precious historic artifact of the American West. Built in 1880 and little changed since, the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad is the most spectacular example of steam era mountain railroading in North America and was awarded National Historic Landmark designation in 2012. [...]

Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad2019-05-30T12:32:57-06:00

Fat Biking 4 Seasons of Fun!


Fat Biking - 4 Seasons of Fun! Article & Photos by URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo Have you seen the fat tire bikes cruising in, around and above the San Luis Valley? With miles upon miles of multi-use trail, single and double track, and forest roads to explore, maybe it’s time to see [...]

Fat Biking 4 Seasons of Fun!2019-06-22T12:48:25-06:00

Tour Time Lobo Overlook


Tour Time - Lobo Overlook Article & Photos by URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo For winter adventurers seeking a moderately difficult tour via cross-country skis or other touring setups (e.g., AT, telemark, splitboard), consider the route from the Continental Divide to Lobo Overlook. “Lobo”, spanish for wolf, is the name given to the [...]

Tour Time Lobo Overlook2019-02-11T18:19:32-06:00

New Adventures for 2019: 5 Winter Adventuring Tips


New Adventures for 2019: 5 Winter Adventuring Tips Article and Photos by URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo With seemingly countless miles of easily-accessible trails in the region, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are great ways to stay fit while exploring the Upper Rio Grande region. Here are 5 tips to get you on the [...]

New Adventures for 2019: 5 Winter Adventuring Tips2019-02-11T17:50:56-06:00

SLV Winter Star Gazing


Article and Photos by URGGuide Field Editor Ryan Michelle Scavo If you are interested in exploring some of the country’s darkest night skies, the San Luis Valley (SLV) is the perfect place in winter! The Milky Way and winter constellations like Orion and Canis Major (also featuring the brightest star, Sirius) are prominent features [...]

SLV Winter Star Gazing2019-05-07T17:31:26-06:00

Winter Photography


Featured Photographer Rebecca Dixon Tips for Perfect Photos: Photograph during the magic hours (one hour after sunrise, one hour before sunset) when the sun is a a low angle creating a warm color balance, long shadows and stunning effects. Take several options with varying depths of field. Look for leading lines that take viewers' [...]

Winter Photography2019-05-07T17:38:59-06:00